grace in small things.  2441 of 2555.

  1. having a salesperson at a store ask me if I need help just when I’m feeling overwhelmed by options and want to leave.
  2. getting a much needed massage.
  3. mid-afternoon tea breaks.
  4. thinking that a show on netflix was cancelled and finished on a cliffhanger and discovering that there is a whole other season left.
  5. the nest of books, stuffed animals, and yoga mats that my daughter made over the course of the evening.

grace in small things.  2302 of 2555.

  1. a butter chicken grilled cheese sandwich on olive ciabatta bread.
  2. buying a Costco sized box of something with the hope that one day you’ll use it, and then actually using it within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. another cooking experiment success.
  4. a freshly cleaned bathroom.
  5. cleaning up a perpetually disorganized corner of the living room.

grace in small things.  2245 of 2555.

  1. getting caught up on a week’s worth of blog posts.
  2. the end of our complete electrical upgrade.
  3. finding something brand new and normally quite expensive for $1.99 at value village.
  4. watching my mama explore my garden.
  5. hearing the happy sounds of my husband and baby playing in the other room.