grace in small things. 2524 of 2555.

  1. being pleasantly surprised by test results.
  2. health benefits that cover the entire cost of expensive medicine.
  3. finding parking in a consistently hard-to-park in neighbourhood.
  4. getting a kid to eat something when they are so hungry they refuse to let you near them with food.
  5. generally being good at handling the fact that kids are weird and defy all logic.

grace in small things.  2493 of 2555.

  1. surviving what can only be described as a baby-sized episode of ‘roid rage after our daughter’s dose of steroids at the hospital.
  2. having a partner to help you get through a very rough night.
  3. doctors who do follow-ups over the phone so you don’t have to go to the hospital again.
  4. doing whatever you need to survive a tough time.
  5. a day of self care.