just another pigeon.

•July 8, 2008 •

Pigeons.  The cooing, the pretty, shiny feathers, the terrorist tendencies.  I should have known it wasn’t over. 

There was no warning, just a rush of air that came from behind my head.  I turned around to see what it was and there was nothing.  And then as I turned back around, I saw it.  Hovering in front of me.  The pigeon.  He had a crazed look in his eye and was beating his wings frantically.  He remained in the air about a meter away, at eye level.  He hovered there for a few seconds, looking directly at me.  His gaze remained motionless, while his wings beat so quickly they moved the air around me.  Then he slowed his frantic flapping and gracefully flew down in a sweeping circle and landed behind me.  As I turned to see where he had ended up, I tried to catch my breath.  He was no longer panicked; had none of the frantic movement I had just seen.  He was just standing in the middle of the road calmly looking at me.  It was as if nothing had happened.  Just another pigeon and a girl on her way to work.

I have decided that I am not being punished by the pigeons.  This is no karmic retribution.  I have been chosen by the pigeons for a reason.  Perhaps they are trying to give me a message.  Maybe they just want bread crumbs.  Who knows.  But, I do know this – the pigeons aren’t done with me yet. 


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