1. the pleasant surprise of the accidental rainbow inside of the dishwasher.
  2. brand new baking sheets, completely unscathed by culinary misadventures.
  3. using up a $10 gift card that has been in my wallet for 2 years.
  4. toddlers that can pee in the toilet without having a panic attack.
  5. striking a balance between getting shit done and being good to myself.


  1. being able to comfort my daughter in the moment that she truly comprehended what it means when something, even her friend the bumblebee, dies.
  2. the genuine emotions that come pouring out of young kids.
  3. feeling my heart fill with love and aching at the same time.
  4. giant bear hugs.
  5. our amazing kids.


  1. waking up before everyone else.
  2. “Mama, are you SURE it’s morning?” – 4yo looking out the window on this very dark, wet, and smoky day.
  3. family that sent us home with leftovers yesterday so I don’t have to cook today.
  4. surviving five days of solo parenting.
  5. tackling the first couple of items from my pile of stuff to be fixed.


  1. starting the day with a clean kitchen.
  2. walking into my newly decluttered closet.
  3. unsubscribing from sales emails because the constant bombardment of pressure to consume is exhausting.
  4. folding laundry (almost) immediately after it is done.
  5. trying to make small changes to my habits to make my head happier.