1. taking a much needed mental health day.
  2. spending the day just doing fun stuff with the girls, instead of being productive or running errands.
  3. getting started on a new puzzle.
  4. going to bed early for the second day in a row.
  5. feeling the brain fog begin to lift.


  1. registering our oldest kid in kindergarten.
  2. being first in line at the drive thru at lunch.
  3. day one of challenging our youngest daughter’s allergy.
  4. trusting my gut instead of my gps.
  5. getting through every one of our appointments with relative ease today.


  1. coming downstairs in the morning to an empty dishwasher.
  2. spending my entire kid-free morning doing some self-care to get out of my funk.
  3. a mild winter that lets me wear sandals outside because my pedicure isn’t dry yet.
  4. getting a “free”, incredibly soft, throw blanket for spending so much on groceries.
  5. the foresight I had when ordering groceries that means I now have stuff I don’t have to cook for dinner.


  1. a day that’s warm enough to wash the car.
  2. getting into see a specialist after a 6 month wait.
  3. appointments that run on time.
  4. finding out that there are better medication options than there used to be.
  5. kid kisses that make up for some poor listening skills from said children.