1. finding one of our toys (that I didn’t even know was lost) when we walked the same path home as we did two days ago.
  2. saving enough money over the last couple years to fully pay for our trip to France.
  3. unexpected money arriving by mail.
  4. a successful sleeping child transfer between car seat and crib.
  5. looking through vacation photos.


  1. discovering that I can now order my absolute favourite beauty product from Amazon now.
  2. grabbing a quick catnap in the middle of the playroom floor.
  3. finding things growing in unusual places.
  4. keeping the house cool on a hot day.
  5. getting back to my early morning exercise routine.


It’s been a long time. I stopped blogging when I was pregnant with my second daughter because I just couldn’t do it all any more. Something had to give, and this was it. I didn’t miss it for a long time either.

I thought I was finally ready to start again last summer, but that obviously wasn’t the case.

Until today.

Today I woke up and saw a sky that was the perfect blue with not a single cloud. After two weeks in France, being greeted by a beautiful day at your home makes the transition back from fresh croissants, good cheese, and very lax rules a little easier. Our vacation is over but I’m ready for the real world to start again. My husband went back to work, my oldest went back to school, and I’m back to my life as usual.

Instead of the usual chaotic morning after an extended break from school, everyone was dressed, fed, and ready to go with enough time to spare to walk to school for the first time since last year. On the way back, my youngest and I took the long way home, stopping to pick dandelions and point at every single bird that crossed our path. And a block from our house I was struck with this uncontrollable need to start writing here again. There was no time to think about it, no time to overthink about it. No agonizing over how to start, or what to say. I just needed to do it now.

So here I am.