1. spending half an hour picking out the perfect succulents.
  2. new gadgets for the yard.
  3. finally figuring out the kind of the flower I had and loved last year but hadn’t written down the name of.
  4. a full blast of a/c in a hot car.
  5. getting through a brutal headache by allowing as much screen time as my oldest wants this afternoon.


  1. a 3km run on the treadmill.
  2. a 20 minute core workout.
  3. walking 4km because the car was at the mechanic.
  4. hauling rocks, dirt, and sod in the backyard.
  5. an unplanned entire day of exercise.


  1. an extra set of hands to help get the girls ready in the morning.
  2. backyard tea parties.
  3. the four year old yelling out “toot surprise!” after being startled by a fart.
  4. watching Netflix in the tub.
  5. beauty products that smell amazing without being overpowering.