1. the start of a new day.
  2. a good rain.
  3. going to one of my daughter’s favourite places.
  4. the funny things kids say in movie theatres when everyone else is quiet.
  5. getting the kitchen back in order after a hectic morning.


  1. getting a package that I forgot I ordered.
  2. talking to my mama on the phone.
  3. powering through a cold to finish staining our very last planter box.
  4. seeing my daughter gain more confidence on her new bike.
  5. portable fans.


  1. paying my 4 year old to fold towels and match socks.
  2. a rare time when running errands with both girls is a completely enjoyable experience.
  3. getting my youngest out of her car seat because she was having a coughing fit and five seconds later having her throw up on the ground (and not in the car!)
  4. living in a country that, while not perfect, is pretty damn great.
  5. being proud to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day!