1. a day that’s warm enough to wash the car.
  2. getting into see a specialist after a 6 month wait.
  3. appointments that run on time.
  4. finding out that there are better medication options than there used to be.
  5. kid kisses that make up for some poor listening skills from said children.


  1. seeing old photos from my childhood.
  2. narrowly avoiding getting stuck behind the garbage truck.
  3. running errands without kids.
  4. getting inspired by cooking shows.
  5. roasted portobello mushrooms with homemade pesto.


  1. our very long Christmas break.
  2. the restart of regularly scheduled life.
  3. a good blend of being productive and watching tv on the couch.
  4. my daughter getting her favourite instructor for her new session of gymnastics.
  5. helping someone have a “lightbulb” moment about something in their life.