1. recovering from my 24 hour bug that forced me to stay in bed all day yesterday.
  2. eating something that resembles an actual meal.
  3. my kickass husband who has looked after me while I felt like I was dying.
  4. amazing friends who took the girls for a play date so I could rest too.
  5. starting to plan a kid’s birthday party.


  1. not being annoyed when my Fitbit told me I had a bad sleep.
  2. finding a new fitness training app.
  3. reclaiming our living room from the Christmas decorations.
  4. winning prizes.
  5. getting my new daily planner in the mail.


  1. waving cats.
  2. new haircuts.
  3. upscale salons that aren’t snobby.
  4. watching someone in your family present a super cool project that they have been working on.
  5. recognizing when I need to go easy on myself.


  1. finding awesome clothes on clearance.
  2. redeeming points so a purchase doesn’t cost you anything.
  3. a freshly stocked fridge filled with regular food and not rich holiday stuff.
  4. remembering that I don’t have to have cold feet because I have new slippers.
  5. a little peace and quiet in the house.