1. finding awesome clothes on clearance.
  2. redeeming points so a purchase doesn’t cost you anything.
  3. a freshly stocked fridge filled with regular food and not rich holiday stuff.
  4. remembering that I don’t have to have cold feet because I have new slippers.
  5. a little peace and quiet in the house.


  1. doing an early morning workout before everyone else gets up.
  2. getting inspired to start cleaning up the cluttered corners of our house again.
  3. sitting in my clean studio.
  4. taking the girls skating for the first time ever (and our first time in many years).
  5. the clean slate of a new year.


  1. enjoying my last morning of vacation.
  2. chilling on the couch, talking about life with one of my favourite people.
  3. savouring one last meal before I have to start sharing food with my kids again.
  4. being a couple of hours away from scooping my girls into my arms and smothering them with kisses.
  5. having a truly incredible husband that made this holiday possible.


  1. the excitement of kids on halloween.
  2. keeping up the tradition of hand-making costumes.
  3. not needing to put snowsuits under costumes.
  4. very minimal meltdowns on a late night with too much sugar.
  5. scoping out all the candy I’m going to eat after the kids are sleeping.


  1. my daughter’s request for a picnic in the sunshine.
  2. running as fast as I can to clear out the cobwebs in my head.
  3. the restorative power of a good sweat.
  4. starting a new book for the first time in months.
  5. choosing silence over the usual routine.