1. finishing the final cleanup from an impromptu dinner party last night.
  2. deciding that leaving the house was overrated today.
  3. forcing Word to do what I wanted even though it really didn’t want to.
  4. friends who give excellent design advice.
  5. the awesome pile of outgrown toys and books that a neighbour we have never met dropped off for our kids.


  1. accidentally finding the perfect combination of sunlight, water, and ignoring for one of my orchids to grow a new flower stem for the first time ever.
  2. the first bloom on the hibiscus since last summer.
  3. finishing building our convertible coffee table/dining table for our deck.
  4. being so damn proud of ourselves for everything we have designed and built in the last 2 months, with zero previous experience for most of it.
  5. having a partner that I work so well with.


  1. finding a great deal on cushions for our new bench.
  2. eating snacks on an old timey train.
  3. my daughter finally being tall enough to ride the kid’s ferris wheel.
  4. a shady spot on a hot day.
  5. water bottles that’s still have ice cubes in them after being in the sun for hours.