grace in small things.  2245 of 2555.

  1. getting caught up on a week’s worth of blog posts.
  2. the end of our complete electrical upgrade.
  3. finding something brand new and normally quite expensive for $1.99 at value village.
  4. watching my mama explore my garden.
  5. hearing the happy sounds of my husband and baby playing in the other room.

grace in small things. 2191 of 2555.

1. figuring out my new blogging goal number for the first time.
2. coming up with the answers for almost every single question on the five page home insurance questionnaire I have to fill out.
3. having some family time outside of the house during the work week.
4. knowing that the bratty behaviour of my little one will end when she feels better, even if it takes a little work to get her back there.
5. getting excited about some new projects that will be happening around here soon.