and this is why i don’t date younger men.


During a conversation with an early twenty-something guy last summer:


Me –                                                    ‘It’s not like he’s trying to be Che Guevara.”

Twenty-Something Guy –                      ‘What?  Who is that?’

Me (with an incredulous look)          ‘Are you kidding me?’

Twenty-Something Guy –                      ‘I have no idea who that is’

Me –                                                    ‘Seriously?’

Twenty-Something Guy –                      ‘Yeah, no clue.’

Me –                                                    ‘Oh my dear child.  The educational system has failed you.’


(a brief pause while I bring up the wiki page on Che Guevara)


Twenty-Something Guy –                      ‘Oh THAT guy!  I see him all the time on people’s shirts and stuff.  I always thought that was a picture of Jesus.’



it’s not me, it’s you.


During a conversation about relationships:


‘Are there any deal-breakers for you?’

‘I could never date a smoker.’

‘What about if someone grew a mullet while you were dating?’

‘Well, I’ve never had to navigate something like that because I’ve never been with anyone long enough for them to grow a mullet.’



My gut is telling me that I would be out the door faster than you could say ‘business in the front and a party in the back.’