1. sleeping in after a great night out.
  2. going on our first bike ride of the summer.
  3. catching up with friends at Sunday morning t-ball.
  4. father-daughter time at the movies and a sleeping 2 year old that leaves me with a quiet house to eat an apple strudel uninterrupted and then have a nap.
  5. forgetting until two hours before that I’ve scheduled a massage therapist to come to our house in the evening.


  1. being woken up in the morning by kisses from my kids.
  2. highly detailed product reviews.
  3. getting to the till and finding out that what you are buying is on sale.
  4. eating one of my mama’s saskatoon berry pies.
  5. showing off our backyard projects to my parents.


  1. finishing the final cleanup from an impromptu dinner party last night.
  2. deciding that leaving the house was overrated today.
  3. forcing Word to do what I wanted even though it really didn’t want to.
  4. friends who give excellent design advice.
  5. the awesome pile of outgrown toys and books that a neighbour we have never met dropped off for our kids.